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Scarves: Women's favourite add-on

Article Category : Men and Women
Posted on Thursday, 20 Jul 2017   (16:20:51) - Visited : 206

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Originated in ancient Rome, the scarves wereinitially used by mean as a sweat cloth during the summer time. But to womenpretty quickly and became a fashion item for women for good. It was introducedfor women in pashmina, wool, and silk and became popular for the women withexquisite taste.


Scarves gained popularity right after they wereintroduced into fashion and became a hit soon. They were used during thewinters to keep the neck and head warm. The thick knitted woolen scarves becamea necessity in the colder areas and it's still the same till date. The late19th century saw the rise of scarves with the prosperous and ground-breakingtimes in the history of women's fashion. The revolutions in fashion lead todramatic wardrobe changes. Hats replaced large ungainly bonnets, and scarvesbecame fashionable, often worn over a hat.


Alpaca: for cold autumn winter days: Alpaca scarvesare made from wool of the alpaca, which is a lustrous and silky natural fiber,warmer and softer.

Cashmere: for cold autumn winter days: This soft,luxurious fabric is made from the wool of the Cashmere goat. It is light inweight and, when handled with care, becomes softer with time.

Cotton: for hot spring summer days: Classic andeasy, cotton is staple for its ability to be laundered and its durability. It'sa cool fabric, perfect for summer wear.

Jersey: For cold autumn winter days: This stretchy,soft cotton is breathable and light-weight. Jersey is an ideal pallet forbeading, studding, sequins, and other embellishments.

Linen: For hot spring summer days: Promoted for itscoolness, linen is often considered the most breathable fabric of the bunch. Itis made from the fibres of the flax plant.

Pashmina: For cold autumn winter days: Pashminarefers to a type of shawl or scarf made from the cashmere wool of the pashminagoat.

Satin: For cold autumn winter days: Satin is aglossy, soft fabric most often made from silk or polyester. Satin comes inseveral forms or weaves, which may vary in shine, thickness, flexibility, andweight.

Silk: For hot spring summer days: Silk is a naturalprotein fibre obtained from the larvae cocoons of the mulberry silkworm. It canbe shiny or matte in lustre, and is especially delicate.

Wool: For cold autumn winter days: Wool comes fromthe fleece of sheep and other animals. It's very warm, durable, and with propercare should last you for years.


1. French Knot

2. Knotted Necklace

3. The Necklace

4. Double sided twist

5. Scarf Wrap

6. Cozy neck wrap

7. Classic Loop

8. Braided

9. Rolled loop

10. Classic Pull Through

Where to shop

In the recent times. since the online shopping hascome into the picture, it has become very easy and simple to find your desiredproducts online. The scarves that also serve as the accessories when you getbored of your regular jewellery can be bought from the huge sea of productsavailable online.

Author : BISSQ

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