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All content on is a fresh information "articles", submitted by our authors. from you and for you.

What Makes The MagnumText System Unique?
  1. We provide a special place (Resource Box) to the authors so that they can insert a mini-BIO or site info contacts at the end of articles.
  2. Authors are allowed to insert unique hyperlink into the resource box.
  3. The authors are allowed to change the link at any time hereinafter referred to as "Dynamic Links" as a backlink to them so that their link will remain active.
  4. We provide a special page to display the profile of the authors. So that visitors can visit by clicking on the author's name in the resources box at the end of the articles.
Are You A Writer / Author?

Quite simply, because we provide a free registration form and your account will be active and can be used today. Why should you submit your best quality fresh contents to Because you'll get a chance to receive a massive increase in exposure, in credibility and you'll be able to include a short blurb about yourself, your business and your website in your resource box located directly below your content body that delivers pre-qualified visitors back to your website. And publishers are required to include your "Resource Box" contains your mini-BIO or website contact info and not alter or edit your content in any way without obtaining your permission first.

Are you a publisher or are looking for fresh information?

You've found the perfect place to pick up fresh content for use and for your website. The authors of these articles have given their permission for you to reprint the contents provided that you include the entire content including Resource Box in tact and that you make the links 'active' and consider this as link-currency and it is your payment to the author of the content. Is not it very simple?

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